Finance Tip of the week!!

Being a parent is a full time job that is very demanding and stressful. As a parent you are trying to juggle between day to day needs sometimes you overlook certain things that become a headache in the future. Time flies with needs popping up every now and then, until your baby reaches 5 years and suddenly school fees becomes one of those headaches. Every couple should immediately start planning for their child’s education the moment they decide to have a baby. There are institutions that offer such services that allow you to save for your baby’s education. This tip has been provided by CBZ, your partner for Success!!

Parenting 101

What do you do, say you shout at your child.

Sometimes as parents we do get so cross with our children in life and more often than not, we do not explain and can’t say we are sorry. It is good to apologize to your child. Refrain from name calling and explain it is rather their behavior and not them that you are cross with. Your child is also likely to shout at you too. Try to calm, get down to his/her level and talk to them instead, and when the yelling involves your partner or someone, sort it out away from your child. It is better that way.