It’s not an Ulcer!!! It’s a Baby!!!

Last month, I got a stomach bacterial infection, (don’t ask from where and how, I don’t know), which got me bed and sofa ridden for a good week. So, I got prescribed this kit I had to take to make it all go away. I didn’t want to take the kit because the last time I took it, I felt some typa way, and it wasn’t cool at all. And that first time, was also the first time I discovered I was pregnant, and the beginning of this awesome motherhood journey that I will be sharing with you.

“Can’t eat because of nausea, Nauseous because I can’t eat!! Well played pregnancy, well played” – Baby Bump App

The Sickness!

July 2015, I had the worst episode of stomach cramps, nausea, and all its cousins that could tag along. It was very uncomfortable and caused a lot of sleepless nights. My first thought was to do a pregnancy test, just to be sure. I bought our loyal $1 preggo test kits, and did the at home test, which to my joy, came out negative.

But I still didn’t know what was wrong with me. The next day I went on my period, so, Yey!!! There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

I then decided to go pay my GP a visit, just to get checked. My GP in Bulawayo is by far the jolliest person ever, those people who make you feel better by the time you get out of his consultation rooms. Looking forward to the visit, because I knew we would definitely find out what the problem was, and put an end to it, I went in for consultation, and he prescribed the “horrible kit” and some other medication to help with my heartbeat, which was a tad-bit irregular.

About three days into the course, I was feeling terribly faint, and I went back to my GP, as I was not feeling any better, but worse. He asked me to go and get a scan done of my abdomen.

The Discovery!!

I obediently went, and most women know going to the sonographer, for an abdominal ultrasound isn’t the best of moments. I love water, but that moment makes me hate drinking water for days to come.

Anyway, the water was had, a couple of toilet trips were made, and the process had to be repeated again for at least two more times, before my turn came.

I went in for the scan, and then the sonographer asked me if I was pregnant. With so much confidence, I said No!! because the preggo test told me so…LOL… so she had no room for arguing.

I was given my little envelope with results and ran off to my doctor (of coz I didn’t run there first, I ran to the toilet… relief… and went to my doctor).

The news I got from my doctor was both exciting and life changing.

Good news was, I was getting off that awful stomach medication, because it wasn’t a stomach infection after all. Life changing news now… Reason why the sonographer was asking if I was pregnant, was because there was a 5 weeks fetus, but with no heartbeat. So, recommendation was, we wait for another 5 weeks so that we could see if there was any heart beat or not. If there was one, it would be officially baby on board… if not then we would have to induce a miscarriage.

I honestly had mixed feelings about the whole pregnancy issue… my first reaction to the pregnancy news was, “Oh gosh, why!!”.

Not because we had evidently done hanky-panky, used some sort of contraceptive, that obviously bailed out on us…LOL… (about that, let me give some of you with systems like mine some free advice, that tish issa lie!!! No such thing as morning after… lol… it doesn’t work).

Not because I didn’t know how I was going to break the news to Bokani, and our families, but because I was going to be sick for possibly a good 3 months, if not the entire pregnancy. So, I was detached from it all, my doctor was excited, my friends were excited for me, I didn’t share the excitement. First trimester was horrible… I honestly didn’t love being pregnant!!

First trimester was horrible… I honestly didn’t love being pregnant!!

So, in the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing with you on my pregnancy journey. How I felt, the changes etc.

If you have any questions, on the pregnancy journey, I would be so willing to answer you in the next coming posts, just email me on  , or leave the questions on the comments sections below.

Till the next post!!

Stay blessed!!

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